CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters – Offerings – With so much expectation going into a cup of coffee, our objective is to source, roast, brew and serve the best coffee in town.

Firstly, we roast with our senses, observing the colour changes and aromas. Secondly, we listen for the distinct cracking of the coffee beans, as we shape and mould them. As a result, we find the desired flavour profiles for that particular region or variety. And achieve our goal of always finding that sweet spot in the roast.

We balance the delicate acidity of the coffee, with the sweet rich body developed through caramelizing the natural sugars in the bean. Consequently, the result is a rich, flavourful, and complex coffee, that has incredible depth of flavour and long finish.

Getting green beans fresh roasted to your desired roast level, balanced acidity, body, flavour, and finish takes more than time. It takes commitment and trained senses. And thoughtful steps like fresh-grinding right before brewing. That allow us to get the maximum flavours and aromas in every cup. Then brewing it in your preferred method. Whether it be a perfect pour over, AeroPress, stovetop, siphon pot, home espresso machine…or just a typical coffee brewer. Care and attention to detail make or break that experience. Correct and consistent grind, water to coffee ratios, water temperature and steep time, shape our experience and heavily influence final results. That is what makes Specialty coffee…well, special.


Come to one of our locations and try some of the best coffees Vancouver has to offer. Or order online: you can pick them up at our stores or have them delivered to your door, contactless. Don’t take our word for it, find ‘your’ favourite coffee, roasted and ground to your taste. Invite some friends over for a little coffee cupping, and explore every note a CuppaJoe has to offer!

An overview of our current coffee selection, coming from the best producing regions of the world
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CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters - Offerings